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What Types Of Rifle Slings Would Best Suit Your Paintball Marker?

I have been a paintball enthusiast for close to three decades. Yes, I am that old. Back when I first started, paintball markers were clumsy looking, some of them still are, and games were played in warehouses and paintball courses about the size of a football field.

After trying out all the courses, things would start to get boring. Fortunately, things have changed since. Yes, you still have warehouse and field courses but things have gotten more interesting.

Now there are games which span a few days over much larger courses. In addition, paintball gear has become more advanced. Paintball rifle markers now look like replica tactical assault rifles which are more accurate and is more powerful.

Since some games now span longer durations, carrying around a paintball rifle markers can a bit of a hassle. Which is why you should pair your markers  17 wsm Ammo for sale  with appropriate rifle slings or military rifle slings.

Single-Point Rifle Slings
Admittedly, slings of this type are not my favorite even though they offer the best range of motion which would allow the user to shoot from practically any position. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, you can only wear single-point rifle slings one way, which makes it easy to change from one shoulder to another but does not help relieve fatigue during long games.

Secondly, if you have got other gear on, single-point tactical weapon slings would allow the rifle to dangle when set to the down position and get caught up.

Thirdly, when dropping your rifle marker to engage your  pistol marker, you might end up getting hit in the knee with a muzzle, especially if you run.

Finally, because single-point rifle slings do not control the muzzle, the muzzle will hit the ground if you kneel or maneuver too close to the ground.

That said, many people still use a particular design of single-point rifle slings but for precision shooting marking purposes instead of a carrying tool. I would recommend using single-point rifle slings only during short games.

Two-Point Rifle Marker Slings
These are my favorite type of slings because they do two things. They make it easy and safe to carry your marker around for long periods of time and they also act as a shooting aide by helping the shooter to a steadier aim.

Some variations of two-point rifle slings come with quick release buckles for quick strap length adjustments.

Three-Point Rifle Marker Slings
These are favorites of many friends of mine. They control the muzzle well when slung and rifle weight is distributed well with most established brands. Three-point rifle slings makes it easy when transitioning to a pistol marker and has more than one carry mode.

The downside is that it gets a bit awkward when shooting from non-standard positions. Also, the multiple straps can get caught up with other gear.


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