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Top Tips When considering A Cell Installation

All of these are valid and common questions when considering solar panels. It’s a big investment and so it’s understandable you will have questions and concerns. I’ve collated some basic knowledge, advice on what to ensure you find a good company to install your solar panels and highlight some of the points you should think about when having photo voltaic panels installed at your property.

MCS Approved Fitters

Firstly, and most important, ensure that your chosen installer is an “MCS approved installer”. MCS stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme Solar panel installation in USa and it is an indication to consumers that the installer has been examined and adheres to standards and regulations that are set by the MCS.

MCS Approved Fitters are honored certification as a result of good assessment of the supply, design, installation, set-to-work and commissioning of renewable microgeneration technologies, solar panels.

MCS Approved Solar panels

Alongside MCS Approved fitters, make sure that your panels are also MCS approved. MCS Approved Solar panels also undergo rigorous standards. To obtain certification, MCS Approved Solar panels not only receive product testing, but the manufacturing processes, materials, procedures and staff training also undergo assessment. Certification is only honored if every step and stage meets the criteria.

NIC EIC Certification

All electricians who provide services in the uk should be NIC EIC certified. Solar fitters are no different and factors to consider the company you choose has received certification. You may then be safe in the knowledge that your system conforms with national safety requirements as established by the overseeing body responsible NIC EIC certification.

Cell Quotes

Don’t rely on the first or cheapest company you find — ask for quotes from a number solar installation companies, and allow companies know that you propose to do this. This should help ensure that you receive competitive quotes and in addition it gives you a benchmark from which you can compare quotes against quotes. It might give you some leverage to “play” companies off against one another to get that quote figure bumped down a little. Companies only exist to make money, so they really won’t want to lose a possible client.

Talk to companies who visit your possessions to offer quotes and have plenty of questions. This will give better understanding and familiarity with what to expect and what you are told. Consider all your quotes before investing in any one in particular.

Cheapest Doesn’t Mean Best

As with anything else in life, the least expensive quote you can find won’t necessarily get you the best end result. That doesn’t mean you should pick the most high-ticket solar panels either. Find a quote which you feel is fair and just as important, choose a company that you feel safe about dealing with, a company who answers your questions and takes time to explain the technical side in a manner that you understand.

This doesn’t just affect you’re able to send bottom line figure, but also the individual materials and equipment the company quotes for. If you haven’t been forwarded to a detail or itemised quote, ask for one. This way, you will know what equipment and materials you are paying for, and you can compare this to your other quotes.


The technology is constantly growing and in terms of energy generation for the masses, it is still quite new so there will be improvements and enhancements being made. Ask your company what products they will be using for your install and take some time to do some background research with them: Any kind of problems with the panels? Are there newer versions? Is the price about right? Any kind of discussion boards which advise for or against them? Learn about cell technology and the terms used, this will help you avoid being “blinded” by vocabulary.

Calculate Potential Feed in Tariff Earnings

The Government’s Feed in Tariff has been extremely influential in the popularity of solar panels. You get paid for all electricity generated from your solar panels, even if you consume it personally. As a general overview, from finally 03 2012, the rate is 21p/kWh and then from 1st Come early july 2012 the rate of return will be between 16. 5p/kWh — 13. 6p/kWh. This rate will depend on the number of panel installs completed between 03 and April 2012. You can also use one of the many online calculators to see what kind of money you could be earning on your potential investment.

The Feed in Tariff means that whilst your initial investment may be a big pay out, not only will you save money on your energy bills, but you will also buying and selling domains. This takes the investment in solar panels way beyond most returns from other “normal” monetary investments. If you have money committed to savings accounts, maybe consider solar panels.

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