Puppy – The Quintessential Pet

What child hasn’t dreamed of owning a puppy? Puppies represent a stalwart companion that can bond with your child and even grow up with them, and are the quintessential family pet for a good reason. They are loyal, fun-loving, and energetic, and most breeds of puppies simply love spending time with children and other dogs. If you’re looking for a great pet for your child and are considering a puppy, this article will go over some basic information about them, as well as help you decide on some breed characteristics to look for in your future pet.

While a puppy can be a Affordable french bulldog lot of fun, it’s also a huge responsibility, and can often be a handful. Common behaviors that many owners will want to curb early on include chewing, biting, going in the house, and barking. There are different ways to stop each of these behaviors, but mostly they can all be minimized with a little bit of positive or negative reinforcement. Using positive and negative reinforcement refers to praising the puppy when it does something good, or rewarding it with a treat or toy, and scolding it when it does something bad, with an accompanying punishment like being put outside.

Finding the right kind of puppy is important for each household, as different breeds of dogs have different behaviors. For example, retrievers tend to be very gentle and good with children, as well as being quite playful, but require a lot of exercise and will need to be taken for walks every day. Smaller dogs tend to be more aloof when it comes to children, but will not require as much exercise. Dogs that are more skittish and fragile will do worse in a family environment, where there tends to be more noise and a greater degree of stress. If you have a large family, choosing an easygoing, laid back dog or a dog that can tolerate lots of activity and play (and possible aggravation from kids) is a good choice. If you live alone, a dog that likes peace and quiet and doesn’t require a lot of activity in a household is more suited to your lifestyle.

In the end, the puppy you choose should reflect your personal taste, and you will likely end up choosing a puppy because of its personality, rather than the characteristics of its breed. These guidelines are more to help you know what to expect.

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