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Looking for Storage space? Storage Customers

The big move is coming up soon! You have decided to move and not just from one city to another but from one continent to another. You are not sure what to take with you and what to throw or give away. You are definitely going to be looking at websites that cater storage customers. But where do you start from? What do you do? Your ‘Things To Do’ list is never ending and you think you are going to get a panic attack. Calm down! Take a deep breath and let us start from the very beginning. Take hold of a thick, big, spiral bound notebook and a very nice pen. Make a cup of your favorite tea and sit down in the most comfortable posture possible.


So when is the big day? The exact date is usually not decided until all the other arrangements have been finalized but you can very easily zero-in on Custom display boxes for product presentation a particular period of time which may be up to two weeks in duration. Next, note down the day and date and then look at your calendar and see how many weeks you have left before the final move.

Sort, Sort And Sort Some more

Mention the word moving and the next word that automatically follows is packing. But wait, you are not preparing for your everyday run of the mill move. Moving across continents does not happen in this particular sequence. An inter-continental move requires much more planning and sorting of your normal household goods and precious-to-heart items. If you want to store a few things then you have to decide where you want your stuff to be stored – in the originating country or the destination country. Now look for storage owners that cater to storage customers like you.

The actual Packing Process

Call the companies that will help storage customers looking for cross-continental moves. Such companies move goods on ships and the storage of your good while aboard a ship is sold in container sizes. A storage container for such a long move is usually made of some very sturdy, rust-proof material, and once closed, it is supposed to be water proof as well. Storage customers are given pamphlets and provided guidance by shipping companies as to how they should pack their goods for shipping overseas. Follow these guidelines to the dot. Give away clothes that have not been worn in the last one year. If you have not worn something in the last one year then do not pack it for the move, unless it is something special like your wedding dress or your child’s first clothing. Pack breakables with bubble wrap and pack electronics only if their voltage will be complaint in the destination country. For example, electronics used in the east Asian countries use a voltage of 220 volts whereas electronics in the western part of the world run on 110 volts. A 220-volt electronic television set is useless in a 110-volt country.

Do not carry anything that you will not use. It is a very big move but you can handle it. Plan well and half of the problems will be solved on the paper itself.

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