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Four Ways to Boost Sales in a Travel Agency

Digital photo frames are perfectly suited to use in a travel agency. Many people think of these gadgets as only for use around the home, however savvy businesses are quickly putting these tools to use to help boost their sales and profits. Here are four ways that a travel agency can use a digital picture frame to help boost sales.

Advertise Amazing Deals!

Customer always love getting the best deal possible. In fact, if they got one that is really good, they’ll usually brag to their friends about it as well! Every Pesach programs travel agency I know of maintains a list of their amazing deals for that month. Why not create some brief slides outlining those deals and display them to customers while they’re in the store, waiting? It could be as simple as a great background photo with a price tag on it!

Most Popular Destinations

Any travel agent can tell you that although they often book trips all over the world, there are a handful of most popular destinations that their customers like to frequent. Hawaii, Vegas, Florida, etc. Why not prepare a half dozen photos of each of your top five (or more) destinations and cycle them through on a digital picture frame while people are waiting to be helped? Get those vacation juices flowing before you even talk to them!

Customer & Employee Photos

Why not use a digital picture frame as a way to develop a sense of community in your travel agency? Employees frequently take trips to the most popular destinations, so why not put one picture of each employee on site at one of your destinations on the digital picture frame? You can even extend the offer to your customers, and allow them to send you one picture from their holiday to display there as well!

Latest Cruise Deals

If there’s one type of vacation that people love, it’s cruises. People love seeing pictures of the big white cruise ships in exotic locations, and all the amazing amenities that can be found on board. Why not gather a collection of amazing pictures from the various cruise packages you offer, and display them in rotation on a digital picture frame, along with all-inclusive package prices on each picture? That will be sure to get your customers drooling!

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